I'm an aspiring Software Programmer, Game Designer, Rockstar, Proto-hacker, Artist, Film-maker, Skateboarder and Daydreamer.

As of this moment, I can handle: C++, C#, Java, Python, and Basic.

"Life is a Sandbox. Let's build something then!"






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23/MAY/2012 - New CasualKrypt (v. 3.00) on the works!

    After taking classes in C++ I have decided to translate CK to this language since it is much more reliable and allows me to strengthen the security of the CK algorithm. The Command line CK is almost complete and I've started preparations for a Qt GUI which will be more slick than the previous Tkinter GUI.

    This new CasualKrypt will feature a better flawless algorithm unlike the previous one. Therefore previously encrypted files with CK v.1.00 or v.1.14 will not work with CK v.3.00

    Also I just added a comment box (to the left =>) I'm just interested in seeing who is looking at this website. Humans? Web Spiders? Spambots? We shall see...

10/NOV/2011 - Check out my Arcade!

    It has been quite a few months since I wrote here. Mainly because I just moved to California in my quest for knowledge. I decided to learn something different, and a month later I'm programming on Java and C#.

    I've got quite a few projects on my head. Mainly working on a nice videogame right now. I was thinking of porting CasualKrypt to Java (or even host it as an applet.) Also, I am going to re-start my dev-blog and post the old videogames I had made in Basic long time ago.


29/JAN/2011 - New CasualKrypt

New Version Of CasualKrypt Released! (1.14)

New Features:

+ More Secure Algorithm
+ Enables Enc/Dec in Spanish, French and other languages with freaky characters! Wh!
+ Generally More Stable!



CasualKrypt v1.14 has finally been released!

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/casualkrypt/

As it turns out Softpedia and Softoxi and FamousWhy.com have both found the program very useful and decided to host it!

  casualkrypt Download

Expect new updates, with more than a dozen new features!



12/DIC/2010 - New MUN Administrator

MUN: Committee Administrator has been released and it is quite useful for schools, because it provides a simple yet, elegant way to administrate a committee.